About Us


GetMyTek started from the idea that often, a client too far is worth nothing. If you offer services that can help others, why not let them benefit? Whether to take advantage of it or to simply trade. GetMyTek will help you enhance your talents. Everyone can start making a name from their garage or basement. For better visibility, you can also register on the first page to get the maximum possible exposure. For you, those who seek the best talent, you can select the Tek with the one that has the most stars or give a chance to a new subscriber. GetMyTek will be your first choice when you need to find affordable services near you or your GPS location.


By being myself a Tek, I had the opportunity to make myself known with my many years of expertise in the field of computing. I later noticed that I had many phone calls from people who were too far from home to get around. Which meant lost business…by creating GetMyTek we will satisfy both the Tek and the customer. I am quite convinced that like you and I as a Tek, you have already experienced such a situation. Well, it will be a thing of the past and we will revolutionize the service community.


Good success to all!